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February 21st, 2007

08:45 pm - Time to myself? ...What's that?
Finally un-stressed myself by telling jaded by knight that i had to resume job per job work and not weekly. I finally have time for myself again... well sort of. Guess the line did well. The pay was nice and got me many nice shoes, but I working that much and keeping my freelance business up was insane. I seem to be really good at making other people wealthy.. gotta work on me next somehow. hahah.

Working on the graphics for Junker's new lines plus my 10 other constant clients. I love working from home and going to be working my damndest to keep it up.
Current Location: home
Current Mood: workingworking

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January 22nd, 2007

10:42 pm - DUDE!!!! fuckin cool!
Joan Jett is wearing a shirt i designed on an add for American Choppers.

Current Location: workin on outfits for steven tyler
Current Music: joan jett

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November 30th, 2006

09:43 pm - covered in cashmere cads!!!
got a 3 month contract with Jaded by knight to design a runway collection for the Paris fashion week in Feb.
lots of work ahead!!
getting all the cashmere pieces done tonight to hand off to RAW7 tomorrow.
mmmm.. cashmere with leather skulls
Current Location: home muthafuckas!
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: social D- ghost town blues

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November 17th, 2006

does anyone know who did the cute chick vocal electroclash remix of a g'n'r tune.. ?
i think sweet child.. but i'm not sure.
i heard it in Japan and can't find it anywhere

.. it's killin me

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06:02 pm - Soundsticks fucking ROCK!!
I'm trying to get motivated for work.. trying.. trying.. oh well.
just finished this for black hearts last night as a base design - gotta add more to it to work for a shirt. would work for an inside blazer print tho.

,... got shitloads more to do and this cold didn't help in my motivation to work. atleast Junker's production is late so it gives more time. i need to hire someone! HA if only i could afford that.
right now i have:

jaded by knight
black hearts brigade
joomi joolz
brave soldier- ( which i gotta find the new swindle (idols version) - mike and i did an add for them, but i haven't seen it yet. i hope it turned out ok. the deadline was like 6 hours from notification to print. )
poss. filter clothing and a few others pending

i gotta cram for jaded by knight this weekend. argh!

hopefully i'll get to upload all the photos i need to on my own site. work has been taking up all my time. hopefully this week.. maybe over thanksgiving.

i miss new england weather already! and fall!!!!
Current Music: Rex the dog

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September 22nd, 2006

06:32 pm - Hazmat the store is closed :(
I loved that little head shop. haahha

Got my tickets for London!! WHOOHOO!! from the 4th to the 10th.. gonne be performing with Louis.
..Just gotta find a place to stay now. Worst case i guess i can blow sailors for nickles. ... ew hah

did i mention i love vagina flowers? It's not done yet, but I'm having fun! It's for a huge ass embroidery,

Current Mood: workingworking

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September 6th, 2006

11:47 am - no longer working at lip service
it was a mutual leaving yesterday.. morgan the artistic talentless wonder is now the graphic designer there. something i expected would happen. because you know.. chicks can't do anything except fuck, model and maybe cook.. my talent wasn't utilized there which I kept telling them, but I'm free! and going freelance! but expect to see my art up until Holday.. then you'll see the wonders of morgan's cherubs and roses. needless to say you'll find better graphics at K-mart (or so as a co-worker said about the line he did).

working on set of a Red Hot Chilli Peppers video tomorrow- seeing if i can get some work from Monarchy maybe email Salvage for shits and giggles. Working on a cross embriodery for Vince Neil and a back jacket art for Steven Tyler along with some cheese work today of pinup travel destinations.
Current Location: home muthafuckas!
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Dj kicks - daddy G

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August 31st, 2006

11:00 am - waiting .. waiting
so I'm waiting to hear back from Rock and Republic. I had 2 meetings with them yesterday. If i get that job i'll take it until i get enough freelance to keep the monah rolling in.

Pryecto Mirage on Friday! I'm getting shitfaced!!!
Current Mood: energeticenergetic

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August 29th, 2006

05:28 pm - dude!!!
holy fucking no weekend!!
dayjob done and out to magic and so is Junker designs (who fucking rock!).

on top of meeting a couple of extra freelance clients. Jaded by knight, and a jimmy joolz- i've never heard of them, and poss with black hearts brigade.

AND i have an interview with rock and republic tomorrow at 10!

plus there's other adds i have yet to respond to becuase i've been at the silkscreener's all day and night for over the past week. best thing about there- 5pm is beer-0'clock

now it's time to list the rest of my old cyber stuff to feed my shoe habit :(
Current Location: home working
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: the smiths

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August 14th, 2006

12:23 pm - wheeeeee no one's around!!!
Need to buy tickets soon for the rubber ball goddamnit!
I also need to get tickets for Prague. I'm djin a fest that my bebe's playin. whoohoo!

in other news.. the not so fat jared wearing one of my hoodies.

mine! (anita don't laugh!- hahaha)

Current Location: in hell.. i mean work
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: nothing

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