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the infection

16 June

this is what i do for a living:



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Haz:[mat] -(n.)- graphic designer (by profession) / fashion designer (also by profession- but not as much currently) / electronic music DJ / latex obsessive/ lacks an inside voice / jaded sarcastic bitch /

Most of my mindless jibber-jabber is friends only. Feel free to add me if ya want.. i just like to know the people want to know more about me.

Beware: Squeak the dog!

ad noiseam, amf korsets, ammo, ant-zen, antigen shift, aphex twin, asche, atsuko kudo, audi a4, aural blasphemy, b-pitch, balenciaga, baracuda, beefcake, beer, blah, booze, brume records, c2, cdatakill, celluloïd mata, ch district, chicks with guns, clubbing, codec, config.sys, converter, deathchant records, delikatessen records, designing high end denim, displacer, dive, dj hidden, drum'n'bass, dryft, el compadre's margaritas, electro clash, ellen allien, empusae, enduser, evol intent, exclipsect, fetish photography, fluke, fuck drama, ghostly international, graphic design, gridlock, guns and roses, haiku, hands productions, hellfish and producer, house of harlot, hymen, hypnoskull, i:gor, inner sanctum, iszoloscope, john starlight, junker designs, juno reactor, keaton, kiew, kimonos, klangstabil, lapsed, latex, latex fashion, leftfield, liar's rosebush, lith, m-tronic, making cool art, malignant records, manufactura, massive attack, matthew dear, mimetic, miss kitties, mixing vinyl, mlada fronta, mono no aware, morgenstern, ms gentur, murray and vern, muscle cars, mute, muted logic, my books, my dog, ncc records, needle sharing, ninjas!, noisex, not working as much, obey, one way system, orange, otx, pain station, panacea, pflichtkauf, photek, piercings, plateau, pneumatic detach, police bastard, portishead, pow[d]er pussy, powernoise, proyecto mirage, punch inc., re_agent, roger rotor, sina, skin two, soman, sonar, speedy j, squaremeter, squarepusher, stiletto platforms, street art, sushi, synapscape, synth-etik, tech ich, techno animal, tg clothing, the knife, thomas wylde, torture garden, tunnel, u-ziq, underworld, venetian snares, vex clothing, vromb, whorehouse designs, winterkälte, xingu hill